Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It doesn't have to be that way

The pain.. is it all worth it in the end ?

Heartaches hurt the most.
Wounded feelings scrape its way to the soul.
Physical pain is bearable because bodies can heal itself,
but the Mind never forgets- cannot let go.

Hope is something that can be taken away  
brittled by unpleasant experiences and failed attempts.

The Mind is logical to believe in something called Faith.  
It blames anything: from the weather down to the bubble gum stuck under your shoe: like a child throwing tantrums- when it doesn’t get what it wants.

The Mind is a powerhouse in its fullest potential,
but flawed by its blinding ego;
thus suffering becomes inevitable. 

Loneliness silently kills people faster than cancer or AIDS. 
You can be living but you may be good as dead.  
And Hopelessness may whisper in your deepest corners: 

"You plan but nothing gets done."
"You love but no one stays forever. "
"You give your best but it’s not enough."

Grudges locked inside can make you crash and burn-
As they say, the rear view mirror is not to be obsessed about.
Look back for caution, but let it not be a distraction.

What you have passed through is distant and gone. 
Misery only haunts the restless- don't be trapped in yesterday’s worries.

Escape is not a permanent solution to problems which by nature are temporary.

No one ever comes out in this world alive anyway,
so why quit, when this is soon going to be over.

Your living body is only a gift and your soul it's caretaker.
Matter may be disposed but its essence lingers. 
In the realm of the invisible, guilt can cause unrest. 
Better to die trying- in vain, than leave beforehand quitting. 

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