Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day for Singles

Valentine's Day is once again knocking at the door.

It's only not a big deal of a theme this weekend for retail stores or restaurants- the truth is, for twenty something singles this is an annual dilemma. For new couples this is one of the most opportunistic occasions to romanticise a budding love.

And most likely for long time lovers, who are past the honeymoon stage, this is the time to be more creative in pulling off something special what will make both feel like a teenager again- might as well bring back the spice they had for each other when they were dating for the first time.

The Anti-Cupid
There are people who hate Valentines Day as much as the Grinch does- telling that they don't seem to care- well, I think they are saying the half truth! Obviously, those who hate it the most are probably singled out just recently or had the most painful love story and haven't moved on ever since. Or simply put- they are haters.Who knows? They might soon change their minds once they fall in love again under the spell of Cupid's love potion no.13.

A long time ago I've never heard of this but now there are group of singles who organise parties and call it- Love Stinks- or the more straight forward- The Anti-Valentines Party. This is another way of crying out loud that being single sucks. Oh- what better way to not feel left out when couples are smooching in every corner?  

But this is absolutely sugarcoating pathetic-ness (let's say that's a real word) at its finest! 

Even though the chances of me being invited to these parties are higher- than being invited for a romantic candelight dinner for two, I still wouldn't go to these wear-only-black parties! Who wants to celebreate Halloween on February? You mourn for the loss of a person but please spare LOVE- it's immortal.

I may be single and had my heart broken, like what everybody goes through, but it doesn't mean I wanna play the victim when everybody's feeling lovey-dovey. Being single on Valentine's Day is not an excuse to feel sorry for myself, disassociate with my happy-in-a-relationship friends, curse on exes and shout that love sucks!

Yeah it's normal for us to make fun of ourselves when we feel miserable. This is a defense mechanism we do, so that we feel the blow of being alone, at a lesser extent. But I don't want to make a mockery out of love's sting. 

Love sure did hurt us at least once in our lives. But is it really that bad of an experience, that we have become losers/ lunatics to make Anti-Valentines Day something to look forward to?  

Or is Valentine's Day really important that we need to ensure no one is left out: so singles or non-singles can both be happy?

Misery loves company 

S.A.D or Single Awareness Day, not quite known to the dear the public, was declared an unofficial holiday for singles every February the 15th. The founders say that it doesn't mean that if you're single on Valentine's day- you have no right to be happy anymore. They encourage people without a Valentine's date to get together with their single friends, celebrate the joy of singlehood and shower each other with the works: flowers and chocolates or edible underpants

I get the tone that while the Anti-Valentines Party focuses on the negative sentiment of being loveless - however S.A.D is proactive or a better alternative for singles. 

Although the acronym associates perfectly with the common feeling that single men or women dread having on February 14th, which is sadness in the romantic point of view, it's really about empowering what its like to be single. 

For me its means to have fun and mingle a.k.a window shopping. No need to buy the lovely dress if you still have no use for it, can't afford one or you know there are still better designs waiting in other botiques. 

One for all- all for one 

The common notion about being single is that you are sad. Of course that's not true. Life does not  revolve around romantic love alone. You are single not because you have no choice, but the circumstances in your life right now are not yet ripe for you to make that choice. 

Having a great time with friends and family on Valentine's Day is fine. Go out of town or surprise your girl friends or mom a bouquet of flowers if you haven't done it yet. Do the unconventional. Treat people who have been good to you and make amends with an enemy.

Realistically, this may not be one of the greatest hits in your V-Day compilation of memories, especially if you are a hopeless romantic, but at least you don't have self pity written all over your face! 

Love is such a universal need for our survival. It comes in a variety and most complex of forms- so express it endearly to your loved ones this Valentines in any way you could.

Valentine's day works like a cliche-  making the non-comformist squeal and hate its cheesiness- but me- I don't mind. Love deserves to be celebrated even in the most outrageous way because I don't know if I'd be here without it. 

Happy Valentines Day!  
Feliz Día de los Enamorados! 

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