Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globe Glamour

What do we get out from award shows? 

For me it’s like I am star gazing. I know this is not Project Runaway or America’s Next Top Model just because these ridiculously beautiful stars strut on the red carpet and judged on who or what they are wearing. 

For the most part I am just curious on seeing ‘stars wear themselves’ and not impersonate a character’s fashion sense in the movies. There are lots of people that work, from personal trainers to makeup artists just to make them look beautiful and glamorous, and so seeing the finished product is fascinating. 

O-k-a-y it is an awards show for filmakers and actors and not for designers and stylists.  Who cares? We can't watch all the movies right now to criticise, so for the meantime I want to feast my eyes on what's eating up the Golden Globe red carpet.

For the fun part,here are the things I've learned so far:

1. If you have it,  flaunt it. 

Tacky Berry. If you have a knock out body like Harry Berry there’s no need cover up yourself, or the need to find the best jewellery or hair extensions. Her arms, legs and cleavage are enough to make men drool and women get jealous.


Red Hot. Either you love it or you hate it. I just love the boldness this dress brings which is the opposite of what January Jones is commonly mistaken for, the ice queen. Might look like she came from Vagas but this girl is on fire.

2. Wear your best accessory.

Bring your best man. The only thing I love about this dress is the colour (emerald green) and her accessory of the night- Brad Pitt. This is just so matronly and I am not surprised if this came from Barbara Walter's closet. Angelina's frame is so tiny and seems fragile, and probably underneath the long sleeves are skeletons she's hiding?

A rose among the thorns.This is my favourite among the pale coloured gowns that night because there are two focal points: her baby bump and the rose holding it all together. Natalie Portman's face is a classic, the makeup compliments it perfectly. 

3. Let it shine!  

 The Prom Queen. Olivia Wilde's expression says it all, happy as can be. Who wouldn't be when you're sparkly ball gown with golen shoes to match it. By the way where did her crown go?

Best on my list. Anne Hathaway's long sleeved gown is quite similar with Angelina Jolie's Emerald piece but this one came with a bit of revealing surprise. Shoulder pads with glitz can go retro but this one is an exception.

Shiny. Shimmery. Splendid. Amber Riley of Glee maybe singing to that tune in her head as she walked down the red carpet.

4. Never use the curtain! 

Blast from the (ugh) past. I don't know what this dress is made for but certainly it's not for the glam red carpet. Probably she was shooting a horror film in 18th century. Oh yeah, it is couture but I don't care-  it looks hideous!

 What-a-drag! Who stole Sandra Bullock's spark? I love her personality but this dress drags her inner bulb to light. The bangs are edgy but it doesn't suit the outdated look. 

Vintage can add Age. The paleness of this dress is very haunting and sucked the life out of Scarlett Johansson. She looks less than a bombshell that she used to be.  Perhaps she's fishing for motherly roles? Hope not.

5. Monochromatic is cool. 

Pretty in Pink. Claire Danes has just the right amount of sweetness. A little more sugar would have been a oversweetened cupcake like what Lea Michele wore. 

 Sleek Chic. This is a trendy dress and  I haven’t seen something like this before. Emma Stone's hair is new too- platinum blonde. The dress is not a sore to the eyes and the longer I look at it the more I adore it. This is a statement piece and I wonder if the trend now going minimalistic? 

6. Black is beautiful and still a classic.

The Black Widow. I'm not used to seeing Eva Longoria in full black and without her accessory on the red carpet- Tony Parker. She looks elegant and makes me not think she's still crying over that jerk.


Holy Moly Kelly. Black but not boring- looks like a thunder of fabulosity hit her in the right spot creating this elgant number.  

7.  Wear the right dress for the right occassion. 

Summer Fling. I'm expecting a lot from Heidi Klum because she's the host of Project Runway and howcome she comes up with this carefree (I'm going shopping, etc ) look which makes me assume that she just got off from a cruise in Caribbean! 

All-around-cloth. You can find it hanging on the window or on top of the table. The form is unflattering in so many ways. Michelle Williams looks more pregnant than Natalie Portman in this maternity gown made from the 60's.


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