Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning Spanish. ¿Por que?

More than words?

 “The more you repeat a material, the more you’ll remember it.”   

This is a borrowed line from my ‘Spanish instructor’ and my imagination just ran wild immediately after reading that line.

I know for sure I am not the only girl in the world who has a fascination for Spanish men. To prove this, I found a facebook group named: Spanish men are HOT

And I couldn’t help myself but agree and click join.  It will be easier if I can learn the language through a face-to –face conversation with a Spanish hearthrob. That would be like hitting 2 birds at one stone. 

But realistically all I have now are resources ample enough to get myself a Drive Time Spanish CD. And the Spanish instructor I earlier quoted comes from this audio material.  

My intent to learn Spanish has nothing to do with practical use. I am neither joining the Amazing Race nor moving to Spain this summer. 

Falling in love with this language is inevitable knowing that my heritage has Spanish influences. 

But putting biases out of the picture, I know I’d still fall in love with a Spanish lullaby the first time I hear it. Beginner and intermediate Spanish has been part of the curriculum back in College. It’s like a blessing and curse. 

No one can force me to study on my own because I was interested like a 7 year old, however the professors were stiff and quick tempered Señoras.

I also had the opportunity to enrol in an intermediate Spanish course in the US under the instruction of a native speaker. He knows better than my previous professors nonetheless but he did not act like he was the King of the hill, patient and kind in fact. 

I got good marks but after I finished the course I did not practice and increase my vocabulary. Time ran its course and my Spanish got brittle. 

Some people think that it’s already too late to learn a language as an adult because our tongues have become unbendable and our minds too stubborn. This is untrue especially for those with an open mind and willing to grasp everything like a sponge. 

The only way of retaining an acquired skill is to apply it consistently. This is the part where I stumbled. 

Learning Spanish or any other language is not the same with learning how to bike, that when you learn once you’re going to remember it forever.


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